Exploring the Effect of Knowledge Sharing on Student Satisfaction Using Social Media in Malaysia



Social media usage, knowledge sharing, student satisfaction, education, online communication, social media platforms


Social media utilization at the student level has become more prevalent in contemporary higher education. This conceptual study analyzes the mediating role of information sharing in determining student satisfaction in Malaysian colleges and universities through the lens of social media usage. Understanding the deep linkages between sharing information on social media and student satisfaction is critical for enhancing educational techniques in an era distinguished by the widespread influence of online platforms. This research provides a conceptual framework based on previous research that views knowledge sharing as a mediating component in the correlation between social media activity and satisfaction among students. The framework incorporates crucial factors such as social media usage, and it delineates the routes via which knowledge sharing on social media platforms promotes and potentially improves overall satisfaction with learning. This conceptual structure not only advances theoretical understanding of the relationship between social media, knowledge sharing, and student satisfaction, but it also serves as a road map for educators, researchers, and lawmakers trying to improve the educational experience. The study was completed by collecting data from students through online survey, using quantitative research methodologies. A total of 193 students took part by filling out the web-based questionnaire. The impact of social media on student happiness and academic performance is found significant along with mediating effect of knowledge sharing. This study provides the groundwork for empirical investigations that will empirically evaluate and refine the suggested mediating model, eventually influencing evidence-based methods for harnessing social media to improve student satisfaction among Malaysian students.


30 Dec 2023