Intercultural Miscommunication in Higher Education Institutions: A Systematic Review (2013-2023)



internationalization, intercultural miscommunication, intercultural barrier, language and culture, strategy


This systematic review study surveys empirical research on intercultural miscommunication in higher education institutions published in Web of Science and Scopus indexing journals from 2013 to 2023 to identify thematic areas of research that are covered. Out of 96 studies initially identified using PRISMA search based on intercultural miscommunication keywords, 17 met this study’s criteria. The study’s findings indicate a focus on linguistic and cultural barriers, along with intercultural communication strategies. The research is predominantly concentrated in Western contexts like the UK and Australia, with only several studies conducted within Asian university settings. Furthermore, the prevailing research methodology among the empirical studies is qualitative in nature. This review study highlights a significant gap in empirical research focusing on intercultural miscommunication within Asian higher education contexts, particularly in China. As cultural and linguistic diversity among students and staff in Chinese universities frequently results in intercultural miscommunication issues, addressing this gap is crucial for developing effective intercultural communication strategies and enhancing the educational experience in these universities. This systematic review, therefore, underscores the need for more nuanced research in these areas, aiming to bridge the cultural and linguistic divides in academic environments, thus promoting a more inclusive and effective internationalization strategy in higher education.


30 Dec 2023